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Welcome to the Small Biz Hub – your one-stop destination for all things small business! Whether you’re a consumer, seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, we welcome you to join us in our movement into the Parallel Economy while we Take Back Mainstreet.


What is the “Parallel Economy”?

“I will assume at this point in our journey, you’ve heard a lot about something many of us refer to as the parallel economy.”


Potential Impacts of Industrial Hemp

“For many of us following the regulations and the reclassification of hemp and marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule III brings much anticipation for the future.”


Teas Aren’t Just for Drinking Anymore!

“When we think of tea, our minds tend to visualize dunking a tea bag of our favorite flavor into a hot, steaming cup of water or maybe a tall glass of iced tea…”


The Benefits of Botanicals

“Have you ever found yourself wondering how in the world our ancestors ever survived without Big Pharma?”


Oregano isn’t Just for Cooking?

“If you were to ask someone, “What is Oregano?”, most would probably respond that it’s an herb used for cooking mainly in Italian cuisine.”


Outlawed! The Banning of Industrial Hemp

“We have become so conditioned to automatically think of marijuana and THC whenever we hear the terms “cannabis” or “hemp” mentioned, we completely overlook the agricultural and industrial aspects…”


Hemp Seeds as a Food Source?

“Many people still have negative opinions regarding both plants and we feel it is our duty to dispel them. In this article, we want to bring attention to the nutritional value of Hemp seeds.”


Fighting Cancer with CBD?

“How many times have you heard “There is not enough scientific research” when it comes to talking about Cannabis as a remedy for many ailments and diseases? How many times have you heard “It is not FDA approved”?”


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