In treating individuals with anxiety, I have found irregular response to different CBD preparations. When we were introduced to Katt’s Remedies we found a consistent response to CBD oils allowing patients to sleep better and to self-treat anxiety throughout the day. We are happy that our patients are happy…and better.

- Angelo Sambunaris, M.D.

“Various CBD products from Katt’s Remedies have had a dramatic impact on how well I function.

The salves and lotions have eased many pains and aches on my feet, hips and shoulders. The salves and lotions applied on skin lesions that were growing and multiplying are now diminishing, and many have disappeared entirely.

The tinctures and gummies have helped to relieve anxiety, increase focus and helped me achieve a more restful sleep.

I have always been impressed with Katt’s Remedies dedication to the quality of their products and the care they take to ensure I have always been availed the best product for my needs.”

- Christine B

Katt’s Remedies has guided my family to get great relief from her products. I reached out to Kassandra at Katt’s Remedies because I was experiencing very bad pain and having digestion issues which turned out to be a very large mass in my uterus. During the period before I could have this mass removed these products helped ease the pain and other symptoms I was experiencing.  After having much relief, I introduced these products to my family. My daughter and I both suffer from pretty severe anxiety and take our gummies daily to help ease those symptoms or an extra one when a panic attack sets in which they are becoming fewer and fewer. My son was involved in a car accident and hurt his knee badly and still suffers pain from time to time he utilizes the salves and he likes his occasional gummy also. The products that Kassandra has shared with us and guided us to take have helped tremendously. And don’t forget to pamper yourself after a long hard day with one of the bath bombs she has to offer they melt the stress away.

- The Trent Family

It has been close to a year now that I have been using the CBD products from Katt’s Remedies.  I am a 67-year-old with the usual aches and pains that go with the maturing process and sitting at a desk for 40+ years.  Using the salve, lotion and gummies for the daily pain that accompanies arthritis in one of my hands, and lower back and hip has helped to reduce inflammation which in turn causes the pain that I experience.  Using these products on a consistent basis along with chiropractic care, has allowed me to continue working in an extremely stressful and fast paced business world.   I have several friends that use the tincture for relief from the arthritis pain they experience – with great success.  The key to a successful CBD experience as well as those around me is to use the CBD product on a consistent basis – thus allowing the cumulative relief from a cumulative pain experience.  I highly recommend this product and Katt’s Remedies.


- Kathryn C.
Cumming, GA.

CBD is for our pets as well as for ourselves.  For the past year, we have been adding the CBD tincture to each meal for our two Labradors aged 10 and 13.  The 13-year-old has lost both of her eyes due to severe glaucoma.  After her last surgery, we increased the amount of CBD tincture to help with her energy and stiffness in her joints.  She is very active now within the limitation of her lost sight.  But she is out of pain, playful and ever alert.  I definitely recommend the CBD tincture for not only you, but your pets.


- Bob C.
Cumming, GA.

I’m 81 years old and in pretty good health, except that I have sleeping problems due to my military career. I have been taking the gummie bears with melatonin and they have relaxed me, and helped with breathing at night. I am a Vietnam vet that suffers from nightmares from my time in Vietnam the gummies have made my nightmares go away and help me sleep.

- Gerald Bartel

I have a very aggressive stage of breast cancer that has gone from stage 1 to stage 3 in six weeks. I have had to have a double mastectomy. The Dr has been giving me medicine for neuropathy. Since I have been taking these products I have had to take much less and now have got feeling in my finger tips and toes from the products that Katt has recommended for me. Also, the tincture has helped with my manic depression issues. Thanks you Katts Remedies.

- Lisa VanDyke

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