The Taboo Plant in “Modern Society”

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Have you ever stopped to wonder why a medicinal plant that has been around for centuries has become such a Taboo Plant in “Modern Society” and why the benefits of Hemp have been all but hidden from us? The “Powers that Think They Be” would like us to believe that marijuana is a steppingstone to opioid addiction and so bad for us in many other ways.

You know what? I’m calling BS!

The Numerous Benefits of Hemp

What Big Gov and Big Pharma don’t want you to know are the numerous benefits of the Hemp plant as a whole, some of which I will be sharing with you.

So why would “they” want us to believe Hemp is so Taboo? Once again, it’s all about the money!

“Breaking Free” from The Matrix has many aspects. It is such a huge system; we have to cut through it from many angles. Supporting Small Businesses while promoting health tackles 2 of our biggest problems…Big Corp and Big Pharma.

The Health Benefits of Hemp

For example, did you know Cannabis and Hemp can treat 250 health problems such as rheumatism, anxiety, epilepsy, AIDS, cancer, and more? Did you know that it can ease morning sickness and help a pregnant mother hold down much-needed food for the growing infant? (This is something I’ve witnessed first-hand.) Not to mention, Hemp is a superfood. Hemp seeds are high in protein and contain 2 fatty acids that cannot be found anywhere else in nature.

So, I ask again…Why is Hemp the Taboo Plant in Modern Society?

Katt’s Remedies

In my never-ending quest of searching for Small Businesses, I ran across Katts Remedies. Now, I realize there are many CBD companies out there, and I’m sure the majority of the products and businesses are fantastic. I don’t doubt that, but as you know, most times, I’m looking for the small unknowns trying to break out of that Matrix I talk about so often. In doing so, I just so happened to run across Katt in a post while looking at another business completely unrelated and read her story.

Katt became interested in CBD products because she was suffering from many ailments that prevented her from living a normal life. Once she tried CBD, she began to research the benefits as an alternative to the medications her doctor was prescribing. After trying many different CBD products, she chose to sell the most effective and highest quality products and founded Katts Remedies in December of 2018.

“Katt became interested in CBD products because she was suffering from many ailments that prevented her from living a normal life.”

Katt prides itself on making those same top-quality CBD products that helped her affordable and accessible for everyone so, they too, can experience the amazing benefits of the products her company offers.

The Environmental Benefits of Hemp and What it Produces

Another thing Katt loves about the CBD industry is they promote the production of a variety of other Hemp products such as clothing, rope, paper, and more. Her vision for her company is to continue helping people from all walks of life while continuing to help the environment as well.

For example, did you know 1 hectare of Hemp produces as much oxygen as 250 hectares of a forest? How about the fact that 1 hectare of Hemp can produce as much paper as 4 hectares of wood?

Think about it…

It takes a tree 20-50 years to grow, whereas Hemp is a crop and only takes 4 months to grow and replace a harvest. On top of that, Hemp can be grown anywhere in the world and takes very little water. It is able to defend against insects without pesticides and can even cleanse radiation from the soil and the air.

“…did you know 1 hectare of Hemp produces as much oxygen as 250 hectares of a forest?”

Do you now see why “they” have tried to convince us Hemp is bad and, therefore, should be an illegal and taboo plant? In order to “feed their greed’, they don’t care if we’re healthy, if the environment is healthy, or anything else as long as they make their money hand over fist.

And so, we fight back by relearning what has been lost and implementing it in our daily lives as much as we can, wherever we can There is no place for the “Powers that Think They Be” in our Parallel World.

As Katt would say,” We’re here to try to make the world a better place.”
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