The Parallel Economy Mindset

Thus far, we’ve discussed some of the important aspects of moving into the Parallel Economy via Social Media, Payment Processors, Small Businesses, New Banking, and so on.

In a past article, I touched on the origins of the term “Parallel Economy”, as well as “Big Tech & The ESG Principles”. You can read the details of that article here: “What is the Parallel Economy?”.

With that being said, I now want to talk about something that, in my opinion, may be an even more important aspect of the Parallel Economy.

The Mindset

That’s right! The mindset. The parallel economy is about breaking free from the matrix in all ways. This means, you cannot use the “Matrix System” mindset when communicating or making business decisions.

What do I mean by this?

Some time ago, I found myself in an interesting situation. A Patriot channel promoted job opportunities to work for them. Because the channel represented the Patriot and Truther communities, I joined the Zoom meeting to see what kind of positions they had available. I assumed it was some type of customer service since they were advertising remote positions. I’m all about jumping on board and working with or for a Patriotic company!

First, I will say, I don’t in any way believe the owners of this channel were trying to be deceitful. Their business has the potential to fit into the parallel economy very well. In my opinion, they were using an advertising script given to them by a representative from a “referral program.” Now, this particular referral program is also pretty well known as a “Patriotic” company. I will not put the names of said “companies” out there because that isn’t what I’m about. I actually have no problem with either of them whatsoever. I’m all about finding ways to earn a living, hence my reasonings for promoting small businesses and building the parallel community. However, not only did the channel promote job opportunities, but they also stated there weren’t many “positions” available.

The problem was omitting the main information until the end. A lack of transparency if you will. This is not, nor should it ever be the Parallel Mindset.

One of the worst things you can do is offer “job opportunities” for people seriously wanting and needing that job. People who really want to work and have been seeking said work, and then, at the very end of the meeting, let them know they have to spend almost $100 to even get on board! THAT is a huge no, no!

So, what would have been a better approach?

Perhaps instead of promoting job opportunities, the channel should have advertised they were seeking supporters while also letting the public know that the supporters would have an opportunity to earn on their investment? And then maybe launch right into the program, what it is, and how it works?

Again, I don’t blame the channel for this error. I believe there are many aspects that go along with taking on a huge endeavor and marketing is one of them. Marketing is one of those areas where many businesses and organizations rely on other people. Part of the “spider web model” if you will. (The Spider Web Model is an easier way to comprehend the Decentralized Autonomous Organization. While I don’t understand the ins and outs in detail, I do understand how the governance aspect works.)

Just a bit of advice to consider when dealing with Patriots and Truthers.

The parallel economy is filled with Patriots and Truthers. Now, let’s think about what that means. What is a truther known for? Oh, that’s right! Research! Being the little rebel researcher I am, I went straight to the original source for the company mentioned above. THAT’S how I found out the other “Patriotic” company involved in this is nothing more than a referral program. Using products from a company I was very interested in at that time I might add. A company I had actually considered becoming a member of to perhaps start my own referral program.

Where am I going with this?

Well, when you use the matrix way of marketing, you just lost yourselves not just one, but potentially several supporters all because of thinking omission and twisting words will make people jump. In a time when half the population has serious trust issues, do you really think that’s going to work?

The Parallel Economy has no room for the Matrix mindset. It’s all about breaking free from the current system. Which makes these, in my opinion, the 4 most important aspects of the Parallel Economy Mindset:

  • Full Disclosure
  • Honesty
  • Transparency &
  • Integrity

In the Parallel Universe, the old ways are no longer accepted.



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