CBD in History

Have you ever wondered why a plant grown in nature was, and in
some cases still is, considered illegal in Western Society? A plant
that was first recorded for medicinal purposes dating all the way
back to approximately 2,500 B.C. China?

The Plant I’m referring to is Cannabis.

Although the original was lost in history, according to legend, The
Red Emperor himself wrote the pharmacological book The Herbal
(Pen Ts’ao)
around 2,500 B.C. where the first record of Cannabis is
mentioned. He recognized its treatment properties for over 100
ailments including malaria, gout, and rheumatism.

“..according to legend, The Red Emperor himself wrote the pharmacological book, The Herbal (Pen Ts’ao)…”

So, what happened to this miracle remedy that was used
as a therapeutic for thousands of years with no recorded
side effects?

According to an article in Visual Capitalist, the use of cannabis for
any purpose fell out of favor by both regulators and Western
culture in the early 20th century.
Did it? Did it really fall out of favor, or was it something
Why would Medical Cannabis, something that was
available in over-the-counter medications such as “Piso’s cure” and
“One-day cough cure”
in the early 1900s, something that was also
used to treat nausea, rheumatism, and labor pain, fall out of favor?

“Why would Medical Cannabis………fall out of favor?”

Interestingly enough, during the early 1900s, scientists were in
the midst of doing groundbreaking research to understand the
basic mechanics of life and human health. It was during this time
that most of the essential vitamins our bodies need were
discovered. They also realized that certain vitamin deficiencies
were the cause of many diseases. So, scientists being,
well…scientists, set out to re-create synthetic versions of these

Enter J.D. Rockefeller and his vast wealth from the oil industry.
Rockefeller, being the greedy, robber baron we now know he
was, saw this as a huge business opportunity. It wasn’t enough
that he already controlled the oil industry. Oh, no! His sights were
now set on the chemical and medical industries as well. But there
was a problem. At that time, natural and holistic medicines were
hugely popular in the Americas because of the vast knowledge
learned from other cultures. So, using his wealth, Rockefeller
started taking the steps necessary to remove the competition
standing in the way of his growing empire.

“At that time, natural and holistic medicines were hugely popular in the Americas because of the vast knowledge learned from other cultures.”

In 1910, he paid a man known as Abraham Flexner to submit a
report to Congress
that concluded, “…there were too many
doctors and medical schools in America,” and although these
natural procedures had been used for hundreds of years, “were
unscientific.” The report also called for Congress to standardize
medical education so the only way to receive a medical license in
the US would be through the AMA (American Medical

Once the laws regarding the medical industry were changed by
Congress, Rockefeller took action! Teaming up with Andrew
Carnegie, they started funding medical schools with the condition
that they only teach allopathic medicine and by doing so,
systematically took down the previous curriculum and removed
any mention of natural treatments.

And the rest, as they say, is history. Until now…

In more recent years, more and more people have woken up to
the fact that even with all of the advancements in “modern
medicine”, the world population as a whole develops more
illnesses with each passing year. Thanks to the world wide web,
people have become aware of the dangers associated with most
prescription medications which are designed to, more or less, slap
a Band-Aid on the problem instead of curing it. Not only that,
these prescriptions tend to cause major side effects, which opens
the door for these so-called “medical professionals” to prescribe
yet another medication, sending the patient into a never-ending
abyss of a mile-long prescription regimen with no improved
health in sight! Because of this, patients are realizing the dangers
of the current medical system and returning back to natural
remedies, such as CBD oil, and finding they are not only safer
with little-known side effects but promote healing as well.

Why would the “Powers that Think They Be” continue to try and
keep this knowledge from us?

Well, for one, they cannot patent anything grown in the
natural, therefore, they can’t keep it from us unless it
remains highly regulated by the “Alphabet Soup” Agencies.
And two…the more we know, the less “they” can control!

“More awareness and knowledge have led people to become more comfortable with the idea of using CBD oil.”

More awareness and knowledge have led people to become more
comfortable with the idea of using CBD oil. As such, it is
becoming harder for pharmaceutical companies to instill fear
about its use. The more we go back to natural remedies, the
fewer prescriptions they are able to dole out like candy. The
fewer prescriptions, the less money Big Pharma makes.

By using products such as CBD, we not only take back our
health, we remove control from the ‘Powers that Think
They Be.”
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